PPC at Cine Gear 2013: GoPro Video

PPC at Cine Gear 2013: GoPro Video

By Vince Gonzales | June 11, 2013

David Newman, Senior Director, Software Engineering for GoPro, talks to me about the company's new Hero 3.

PPC at Cine Gear 2013: GoPro Video from Createasphere on Vimeo.

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See What the Experts Had to Say about the Palm Springs Photo Festival

See What the Experts Had to Say about the Palm Springs Photo Festival

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 08, 2013

PPC author Vince Gonzales stopped by the Palm Springs Photo Festival to talk to some of the people who made the show a success.  Individuals who ran workshops, portfolio reviews and lectures told him about what made the event such a unique gathering, and our camera was there to record it... Read More


Discover What the Palm Springs Photo Festival is All About

Discover What the Palm Springs Photo Festival is All About

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 07, 2013

Vince Gonzales attended the Palm Springs Photo Festival to experience what so many photographers have been raving about.  He talked with Jeff Dunas, founder and director of the Palm Springs Photo Festival, to find out the origins of the festival as well as what attendees can expect to... Read More


Introducing Transmedia Coalition

The first major online resource covering cross-platform, transmedia storytelling and more

By Jeremiah Karpowicz (Via TMC - Transmedia Coalition) | March 03, 2013

Createasphere is proud to announce the launch of Transmedia Coalition, which joins the highly successful online communities, and as an industry-leading news resource. TMC will feature exclusive content provided by prolific... Read More


Cinegear 2012 - Easy Focus

New Wireless Focus Assist Grants Clarity With A Simple Touch

By Clint Milby (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | June 26, 2012

Focus is key, there's really no way around it. Barring aesthetic choice, losing focus can be disastrous. So it's no wonder that there are many choices when it comes to follow focuses. Easy Focus, however takes the cake in terms of versatility and ease of use. Read More


PsF’s missing workflow, Part 10:  FCP X

How to deal with 25PsF and 29.97PsF with Final Cut Pro X

By Allan Tépper (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | March 14, 2012

In parts 1-3 of the PsF's missing workflow series, we introduced the terms benign PsF & malignant PsF, and revealed the PsF status of several AVCHD cameras from 3 manufacturers. In #4, we did the same with several HD recorders. In #5, we revealed how one recorder manufacturer is offering its own software to counteract the hostile HDMI output found on many cameras. In #6, I published an open letter to all pro AVCHD manufacturers. In #7, I covered how to deal with PsF with Premiere Pro CS5.5. In #8, I showed how ClipWrap is an excellent solution for many Mac editors. In #9, I discussed PsF with the sub US$100 Adobe Premiere Elements 10. Now in part 10, I’ll cover how to deal with 25PsF and 29.97PsF with Final Cut Pro X.

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Testing the 7toX Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X conversion

We finally get a tool to do what we thought would be possible from FCPX v1.0.0

By Scott Simmons (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | February 12, 2012

When Apple released the latest Final Cut Pro X update there was a very important 3rd party utility released right alongside the 10.0.3 update that finally allowed the importing of legacy FCP7 projects into FCPX. It wasn't entirely surprising that it was Intelligent Assistance releasing 7toX for Final Cut Pro. I say that because they had already created Xto7 (to move projects from FCPX to FCP7) and are arguably the best company for creating high-quality XML workflow tools for the FCP universe. There's been tons of blog posts about 7toX for Final Cut Pro since its introduction but most of them are nothing more than a here it is here's the link kind of thing, including one of my own. Many have taken a simple sequence to try this conversion but my thought was to throw everything at 7toX for Final Cut Pro and see how well it did ... or didn't work. Read More


Kicking the tires on the Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 Multicam update

The ease of setup and managing multicam clips makes this the best FCPX update yet

By Scott Simmons (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | February 06, 2012

As we all know by now Apple released their promised update to Final Cut Pro X that added multicam. It's only been a week and there's already a lot of articles and tutorials about how this new feature works. I sat down with it some over the weekend to kick the tires and see how it performed. What follows are some thoughts, notes and observations as I was working with it. I was especially curious as to how it might work for music videos. Read More


The 11th Annual San Francisco FCPUG SuperMeet

This Friday 1/27/2012 -- See, Get Seen and Win Big Prizes!

By Clint Milby (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | January 24, 2012

If you're planning to be in the San Francisco/Bay Area this Friday, then you have a great opportunity to attend the most renowned user group meetups in the world, the FCPUG SuperMeet! Read More


The Smoke and Mirrors Behind Sweden’s Brokendoll

Brett Richards Tells Why His Post Is Up In Smoke

By Clint Milby (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | December 20, 2011

Winner of numerous ProMax awards in 2011, Sweden-based, boutique production company Brokendoll has garnered acclaim with their self-described "visually intense" high end productions for advertising, television and web. You might think a company with this level of initial success would also have goals of growing, but according to Brett Richards, Brokendoll is intent on keeping their footprint small to maintain the quality of their productions, "It is important to the quality of the production that we have the right team on each job, so we avoid large, in house teams to maximize our flexibility." Read More


Quick Look: Three New E-Mount Primes

Sony's new 24mm, 50mm, and 30mm macro lenses for NEX cameras.

By Adam Wilt (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | December 17, 2011

The 50mm f/1.8, 30mm f/3.5 macro, and 24mm f/1.8 lenses, with hoods.

Sony has three E-Mount primes coming out right about now, and I had a chance to play with prototypes of them attached to an NEX-FS100 LSS camcorder. Here are my impressions, and a short test. Read More


The Adobe Premiere Pro timeline for Final Cut Pro users

Editors spend so much time in the timeline it's worth an in-depth look

By Scott Simmons (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | November 07, 2011

When working in a non-linear editing application the editor spends many, many hours working in the timeline. Boy do we spend a lot of hours working in the timeline. If you're moving from Final Cut Pro 7 to Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5 then you won't be totally lost as there are a lot of similarities between the two application's timelines. But there are some important differences as well. Let's take a closer look at the Premiere Pro timeline if you're moving from FCP 7. Did I mention how much time editors spend working in the timeline? Read More


Kicking the tires on the Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1 update

The first update for FCPX gains some big features

By Scott Simmons (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | September 21, 2011

Today was the day that many of us who've been following the Final Cut Pro X saga have been waiting for. An update hit the Mac App Store this morning that took FCPX to version 10.0.1. That update is small in number (more on that in a bit) but rather big in features as there's quite a lot that Apple has stuck into this first update to FCPX. Chief among those things is XML support that introduces a new FCPX specific flavor of XML. Second would be Roles, a new way to tag and label clips that looks to be one of those FCPX think different ideas that has real potential. And even more. Read More


The Fourth Annual Amsterdam FCPUG SuperMeet

FCPUG Converges on Amsterdam With HDSLR Shooters including Philip Bloom

By Clint Milby (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | August 31, 2011

IBC is almost here, and that means it's SuperMeet Time, and this one is shaping up to THE event of IBC. Beyond the opportunity to meet and visit with your fellow filmmakers from around the world, you'll also get to interact with Philip Bloom and Jason Levine of Adobe Systems, Editor Eddie Hamilton (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) for Avid, Michael Wohl on FCPX, Autodesk & others. Read More


Magic Bullet Suite’s MisFire and Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium

How To Make Your Video Look Old...But Not Tired

By Clint Milby (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | August 24, 2011

The Unsung Hero of Magic Bullet I say unsung, because there's not any mention of it being part of the Magic Bullet Suite. Once I loaded the Suite and opened it up for the first time in Premiere Pro CS5.5 -- there it was. I went back to the RedGiant website and searched and found just a small amount of information on their blog. Read More


100 Final Cut Pro X Questions Answered

These are questions asked before, during and after recent FCPX webinar

By Scott Simmons (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | July 17, 2011

Recently I hosted a Final Cut Pro X Hands On Tour webinar for It was a great event with 90 minutes of FCPX for over 800 people attending. (An archive of that can be purchased btw). People often ask questions before, during and after the webinar. Here's 101 of them that were asked, answered to the best of my knowledge. Read More


Free Upcoming Final Cut Pro X Webinar, free FCPX podcast

We all keep talking about Final Cut Pro X

By Scott Simmons (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | June 27, 2011

As if there's isn't enough Final Cut Pro X stuff out there on the web a week after its release, I want to pimp a couple of things that I've been involved in regarding Final Cut Pro X. First is the return of That Post Show (iTunes link) with a full edition devoted to FCPX and second is the Final Cut Pro X Hands On Tour. Read More


Those Burning Final Cut Pro X Questions Answered

The answers aren't all good but based on rumors they were expected.

By Scott Simmons (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | June 22, 2011

Well here we are into the first official evening of Final Cut Pro X's release out into the world. It's been a busy day and a Twitter search will show a good bunch of love, a whole lot of hate and a little bit in-between. There were a blessed few who got advance copies and they've written some FCPX must read articles. If you want to try it yourself then $299 and the Mac Apps Store will get you a copy. I first want to answer the Burning Questions that I had just the other day. Read More


Using Twixtor in Premiere Pro

Plugin Offers Excellent Solutions to Slowing Motion

By Clint Milby (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | May 28, 2011

One of the greatest pieces of software that came my way this year was a little motion effects plugin called Twixtor. If you're not familiar, Twixtor is part of a family of products from RE:Vision Effects, a research and development company focused on providing software solutions to modify, control, and enhance digital video imagery at the highest quality. Read More


Update Alert! Magic Bullet Grinder

A free update to version 1.5 adds some nice features

By Scott Simmons (Via PVC - Pro Video Coalition) | May 05, 2011

I really like good, focused, affordable post-production tools. Magic Bullet Grinder, one of the most focused tools of all, was updated today to take it from 1.0 to 1.5. That's $49 for the Canon DSLR transcoding tool to buy it new but the 1.5 update is free. What's new in 1.5? Best of all is more ProRes codecs and timecode support. Read More