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Fashion Designer Trina Turk and Photographer Jonathan Skow on Creating a Southern California Brand

The Couples’ Love of Art, Design and Architecture Shape a Contemporary Lifestyle Collection

By Vince Gonzales | May 06, 2014

I got a chance to sit down with fashion designer Trina Turk and her husband photographer Jonathan Skow at their spacious mid century home overlooking the Palm Springs valley.  I first met Trina & John when they lived a few doors down from me in Los Feliz 18 years ago when Jonathan and... Read More


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Best WordPress Plugins For Photographers

By Dan Carr | April 02, 2014

WordPress is the world’s most popular web platform with over 77 million installs running right now.  Many photographers use WordPress to host their portfolios and blogs but out of the box WordPress is a mere skeleton of the powerhouse it can... Read More


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LinkedIn For Photographers

Unlock the hidden potential for your photography business

By Dan Carr | March 20, 2014

Whilst LinkedIn doesn't get the media attention of many of the other faster growing social sites it's been slowly gathering pace since its launch in 2003 and now they have 277 million users.

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Getting MoCap Schooled

Senior Technologist Eric Furie Gives Me a Tour of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts Motion Capture Lab

By Vince Gonzales | March 07, 2014

I got a chance to speak with Eric Furie at USC's Robert Zemeckis Center and had a tour of their state of the art Motion Capture Lab located at the School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles.  Eric is the Senior Technologist... Read More


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An Optical Printer’s Movie Magic

A Conversation with Bill Conner at Deluxe Labs

By Vince Gonzales | December 30, 2013

I got a chance to chat with optical printer magician, Bill Conner working at Deluxe Labs in Los Angeles.  Bill gave me the insider tour of the optical lab he runs and the skinny on his prized toy, the Producers Service Model 102.  This is a film tool that has helped restore some of... Read More


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fotoBiz & fotoQuote Review

An in-depth look at software to manage your business workflow

By Dan Carr | October 09, 2013

“How much should I charge?” is a common question amongst new photo business owners and fofoBiz helps you answer this question with bespoke software that also assists with the day to day operations of your business.

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Industrial Color Brands: The West Side Story, Part 2

A Conversation with Business Director and General Manager Joann Gambino

By Vince Gonzales | September 21, 2013

In part two of my article on Industrial Color Brands I visit the “Best Coast” location headed up by Business Director and General Manger Joann Gambino.  I sat down with Joann at the Culver City location and talked about Industrial... Read More


The new Airport Extreme

The new Airport Extreme

Apple's latest Wi-Fi base station offers better performance and a slick new design.

By Tom Bol | August 03, 2013

Wi-Fi is how the world works these days. Sure, you can wait for things to download on your phone using a 3G network. Or you could stop by your local Starbucks and log onto their Wi-Fi network to check mail while you sip your latte. For many photographers you don't have to go to... Read More


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Adobe Cloud Creates Storm of Protests

Adobe Creative Cloud should probably look at Microsoft Office subscription plans.There's a fair deal there, I say.

By Jose Antunes | July 29, 2013

For years Adobe tried to gather all photographers under their banner. Now they've created two segments: the Creative Cloud users and the others, those that still use CS6 and previous versions. And caused a mess that will make them rethink their Cloud ideas and price structure. Here are some ideas that might help!

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Industrial Color Brands: Servicing a Modern Digital Industry, Part 1

A Conversation with Founder and CEO Steve Kalalian

By Vince Gonzales | July 22, 2013

Leisurely scanning the archives of the Production Paradise website, an eye popping black and white Guess ad caught my eye shot by fashion photographer, Alix Malka and finished by New York based studio, Industrial Color.  My interest piqued, I... Read More


Alien Skin Exposure 5

Alien Skin Exposure 5

The new version of Exposure is a major upgrade with many new features.

By Tom Bol | July 07, 2013

In the early years of my photography career, I shot volumes of Velvia 50 and Provia 100. I knew any landscape I shot with Velvia 50 would be saturated and rich, you could also feel the tones and textures in the shot. Naturally when I started shooting digital, I attempted to duplicate... Read More


See What the Experts Had to Say about the Palm Springs Photo Festival

See What the Experts Had to Say about the Palm Springs Photo Festival

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 08, 2013

PPC author Vince Gonzales stopped by the Palm Springs Photo Festival to talk to some of the people who made the show a success.  Individuals who ran workshops, portfolio reviews and lectures told him about what made the event such a unique gathering, and our camera was there to record it... Read More


Simplify Your Creative Business

Simplify Your Creative Business

By Dan Carr | April 03, 2013

As a self-employed creative professional I wear many hats on a daily basis.  My virtual hat rack includes photographer, accountant, marketing manager, administrative assistant, video editor, writer, lawyer and business development manager.  You can see why I need a whole... Read More


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Elinchrom Skyport WiFi

Use your iPhone or iPad to control your Elinchrom flash packs.

By Tom Bol | January 07, 2013

I'm a sucker for anything that streamlines my workflow and photo assignments.  A simple photo shoot can get complex quickly; one main light on the subject, one accent light on his left side...better add a few lights to illuminate the car in the background.  Before I know... Read More


Depth of Field as a Creative Tool

Depth of Field as a Creative Tool

A lighting tutorial!

By JPMorgan | November 10, 2012

In today's Slanted Lens lesson we will take a look at depth of field as a creative tool while shooting some fashion shots on location at Vasquez Rocks. We will use a simple 2 light set up to shoot beautiful Gabrielle Tuite and look at how different lens focal lengths give us different depth of field options. We will look at what lens choice will give us a shallow depth and what lens choice will give us a more scenic deep depth of field. Vasquez is the perfect place to look at depth of field. It's one of the most photographed places in Southern California. It has a long history of film making. It has been in Star Track "Captain Kurk and the Lizard fight", Austin Powers, Bonanza, John Carter, and many many more. It has a very strong rock point that is graphic and the reason I wanted to shoot here. We will use that as a graphic element in our shots. Let's take a look at depth of field as a creative tool. Read More


Understanding Ring Lights / Ring Flashes!

Understanding Ring Lights / Ring Flashes!

A lighting tutorial for photography and video.

By JPMorgan | October 12, 2012

By Jay P. Morgan1. A great lighting tool is the Ring Light or Ring Flash. The Ring Light was invented in the 1950's as a light source to capture medical images. Fashion photographers and DP's soon found this great light source and used it to shoot people. It's perfect because it creates a wonderful highlight on the skin and allows the shadows to fall away from the camera. This video is a look at how to use a Ring Light or Ring Flash. In this image we used a Ring Flash as a key light. Let's look at the different uses of the Ring Light and break down the lighting for this image. Read More


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Another One Bites The Dust - My Drobo Has To Go

Hardware and software issues prevalent in popular storage solution

By Dan Carr | September 11, 2012

I take no pleasure in having to write this, Drobo as a company have always been very good to me, their support has been great and I have never lost any data from their machines. I have however experienced a series of hardware and software issues that have now spanned several years and multiple Drobo models. My experience this past weekend with a new Drobo S, sent to me to as a replacement for a problematic 2nd Gen Drobo, have led me to the end of the road and it is now time to find another route. Read More


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Drobo Delivers Data Defense

Super Heroic efforts rule the digital universe,

By Sara Frances | May 26, 2012

where we're all acquiring and creating media at an alarming rate-media that requires vast amounts of storage space. If your clients are like mine, they are remarkably unsophisticated, sometimes even careless, about how and why to protect the valuable images we make for them. Drobo® changes all that. When they come crying to you, wouldn't it be great to be the hero and say, "yes, I've got you covered!" Read More


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Photography: What’s real, what’s not and does it matter?

Is there such a thing as integrity in a photograph?

By Matt Brandon | May 09, 2012

I got some flack on Facebook about a past post on my blog . I received a comment from a reader or two stating they felt that what they saw in the produced images was not real. Meaning, after running through my workflow in Lightroom the images no longer represented reality. I have gotten this kind of feedback many times in the past. I think people are rather shocked at seeing a photo "undressed". It's a bit like seeing a high-fashion model on the streets without any makeup, it can be scary. Read More


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Post-NAB HDSLR Wrap Up

All the HDSLR news you need to know about from NAB 2012

By Dan Carr | April 21, 2012

The National Association of Broadcasters show has just wrapped up in Las Vegas and I was down there for a few days to check out some of the new gear. I'll be covering some products in more detail in the near future but we'll start off with a wrap up of some of the coolest new HDSLR gear coming to market this spring and summer. Read More