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Scott Gentry started his career as a child actor then moving to ABC All My Children first in production straight out of college, then in front of the camera for a short stint as a regular walk-on (woo-hoo!). Scott also worked the stadium camera for NY Jets and Giants games, as well a a multitude of events at the Meadowlands arena in NJ. From there he got into publishing and 6 months after sending his resume to DV magazine, he was the publisher. DV went from last to first place and Scott moved on to AV Video Multimedia Producer and led the team...

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camera fujifilm fujifilm x100

Fujifilm X100 at WPPI

Something to lust after...

By Scott Gentry | February 26, 2011

Fujifilm X100 | WPPI 2011 | ProPhoto Coalition from ProPhoto Coalition on Vimeo.

We spent a brief period of time with the Fujifilm X100 and walked away impressed. Aimed at the Leica X, this is a sweet camera, and something to place on the "want" list.For full details, click on our previous post here. Read More


cameras lenses sony

Sony Brings Photo and Video Gear to WPPI in Las Vegas

Hints at future products...

By Scott Gentry | February 25, 2011

Sony | WPPI 2011 | ProPhoto Coalition from ProPhoto Coalition on Vimeo.

We came packing Sony gear for our videos and walked away equally impressed with some of the still cameras. Read More


kata bags prophoto coalition

Kata Bags at WPPI

Yes I am a gear bag guy. These are too cool.

By Scott Gentry | February 25, 2011

Kata | WPPI 2011 | ProPhoto Coalition from ProPhoto Coalition on Vimeo.

Every year Kata doesn't fail to impress. Read More


lighting westcott wppi

Westcott at WPPI

New products from Westcott

By Scott Gentry | February 25, 2011

Wescott | WPPI 2011 | ProPhoto Coaliiton from ProPhoto Coalition on Vimeo.

Westcott's booth was alway packed. Read More


bags lens lowepro wppi

Lowepro at WPPI

Killer Lens exchange gear. I want one!

By Scott Gentry | February 25, 2011

Lowepro | WPPI 2011 | ProPhoto Coalition from ProPhoto Coalition on Vimeo.

From the "why didn't someone do this sooner" file... Read More


bags camera bag tenba

Tenba Booth at WPPI in Las Vegas

Can you tell bags are my thing? I cannot leave a trade show without checking all the new gear bags!

By Scott Gentry | February 25, 2011

Tenba | WPPI 2011 | ProPhoto Coalition from ProPhoto Coalition on Vimeo.

Bags everywhere at WPPI. Tenba has a great brand, great product, and lots of cool colors. Read More


camera support cinevate hdslr

Cinevate at WPPI in Las Vegas

Check out the cool HDSLR gear from Cinevate

By Scott Gentry | February 25, 2011

Cinevate | WPPI 2011 | ProPhoto Coalition from ProPhoto Coalition on Vimeo.

We hit the Cinevate booth for their latest and greatest. Love the viewfinder! Read More


Spider Holster At WPPI Show in Vegas

We hit Vegas this week. This is the first of several videos.

By Scott Gentry | February 24, 2011

Spider Holster | WPPI 2011 | ProPhoto Coalition from ProPhoto Coalition on Vimeo.

We wanted to get the first of several videos from WPPI live. More to follow, but pretty impressed by the Spider Holster. I think I want one... Read More


5d mkii apps4phones canon software update

Canon Issues Statement About 5D MKII Update

That little update that messed things up!

By Scott Gentry | March 18, 2010

I first learned about this on our sister site PVC. Luckily I hadn't updated the firmware yet... Read More


canon 5d multicamera

Editing a multicamera concert shot on Canon 5Ds

Scott Simmons tells all, and the results are fantastic

By Scott Gentry | March 03, 2010

It's no secret that Canon 5Ds are everywhere. They've shot music videos, short films, commercials and more Vimeo videos than anyone can imagine. One place where I haven't heard about a lot of usage (as of yet anyway) is in multicamera concert production. There's very real reasons why you wouldn't want to use any small-form-factor DSLRs (with no gen lock, timecode input or external monitoring) in a multicam production. But that doesn't mean that they can't get the job done. Read the rest on ProVideo Coalition. Read More


aperture 3

Aperture 3.01 update released, update on my iPhoto ‘09 migration

New Aperture addresses many known issues, doesn't fix my colossal mistake

By Scott Gentry | March 02, 2010

Over on our sister site ProVideo Coalition, Mike Curtis has a great article about his move to Aperture 3. Here's a taste:Two things:1.) Apple today released Aperture 3.0.1, addressing many of the issues I raised with version 3.02.) I've been busy on my iPhoto ‘09 to Aperture 3.0 upgrade saga, but did something incredibly dumb, losing me hundreds of hours of effort.Executive brief: Apple today released Aperture 3.0.1 fixing many known issues (no guarantees/reports it fixes'em all), and I was stupid and deleted a crucial file, aka the critical and massive iPhoto Library I'd been working on. Remember, kids - your time is more valuable than the cost of yet another hard drive, and the 5 minutes it takes to set up a backup copy rolling before leaving for the night. Even for personal projects. Shut up. It was late. I was on the phone. I was busy. I wish I'd been drinking.Read the rest of ProVideo Coalition Read More


Happy 20th Anniversary Photoshop!

By Scott Gentry | February 19, 2010

For 20 years, the world has used Adobe Photoshop software to transform creative inspiration into nearly everything we see in print, online, and across media. Come celebrate with us. Photoshop Celebration Take a trip down memory lane with Photoshop founders - John Knoll, Thomas Knoll, Russell Brown, and Steve Guttman. They will tell you the story of how an amazing coincidence of circumstances spawned a cultural paradigm shift unparalleled in our lifetime. Read More


canon 5dmkii thinktank vancouver olympics

Heading to Vancouver for Two Events

What do you bring when you want to shoot video and photos, but need to pack light?

By Scott Gentry | February 13, 2010

My wife happens to work for an Olympic sponsor and I was lucky enough to tag along in Beijing, and now I'm prepping to leave for a quick three day, two event romp to Vancouver.The trip this time presents some unique challenges in terms of weather, logistics and my personal shot goals. The first thing I needed to consider is TSA flight requirements and what I'd have to check, vs. carry on. Additionally I needed to check Olympic guidelines for any restrictions on equipment at events. So far I'm in luck as the international carry-on rules seem to have settled a tad since Christmas. Additionally, according to, it seems that as long as I'm not re-broadcasting live, I am OK. There are some restrictions there, but nothing I can't overcome. Read More


canon 5d mkii dslr sea&sea; underwater

Underwater Housing for the Canon 5D MKII

Despite the price tag equal to the Camera body itself...I want one.

By Scott Gentry | May 21, 2009

When you consider a camera that can shoot such spectacular imagery as the Canon 5D MKII, the price tag of $2,900 might not be that far out of reach.Sea&Sea just released this baby and it'll hit 60 meters in depth in stride. So now I can shoot spectacular stills as well as 1080p. Read More


iphoto picasa

Picasa Makes the Move to Mac

The battle Royal with iPhoto ensues

By Scott Gentry | January 06, 2009

While certainly not a pro tool, Picase has become a great way to get photos online quick and easy. If you're a regular user of Picasa on the PC and own a Mac, click here for the beta release. Techcrunch has an early preview for your perusal. Read More


epic red scarlet

10 Days Left for the Red Epic Scarlet Announcememnt

Looks to be an SLR killer?

By Scott Gentry | November 03, 2008

Looks as though the Red Camera is really trying to give the DSLR crowd a run for their money. Stay tuned... Read More