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Strobe Master, Part 1

Photographer Scott Robert Lim Shares How He Built a Business Using Off Camera Flashes to Create Vivid Portraits

By Vince Gonzales | February 08, 2015


Photographer Scott Robert Lim found success as a natural light wedding photographer, growing his business to the enviable 10k level by delivering fashion-influenced images to his style hungry clients.  After a few years he discovered... Read More


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I Received a Photography Award… And So What?

Photo awards online are now a daily routine, it seems. Even if you don't participate, you get an award. It's rather strange!

By Jose Antunes | December 12, 2013

Photo awards online now come by email. You open your computer and discover you've been the lucky recipient of a photo award. And you did nothing, many times, to win. He live in a rather strange world, from my point of view.

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Photographers Waste a Lot of Time Online

A recent book by Corwin Hiebert and one article by Paul Harcourt Davies point strategies for photographers starting a business.

By Jose Antunes | September 02, 2013

Photographers starting their career might do two wrong things: listen too much to worn out strategies and spend too much time online. Learn to keep away from temptation!

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Micro Four Thirds & Mirrorless - Here To Stay or Gone Tomorrow ?

Declining sales and greener pastures

By Dan Carr | August 05, 2013

I've been wanting to write something along these lines for a while now because these thought have been running through my head over and over again.  The question I have pondered on more than one occasion is whether I should invest more heavily in some sort of mirrorless camera system or whether these types of cameras as simply an elongated fad forced upon us by current technological deficiencies?  I expect this article will strike a nerve with some folks out there, probably those that have already invested, but hear me out before you hit the comment button.


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The new Airport Extreme

The new Airport Extreme

Apple's latest Wi-Fi base station offers better performance and a slick new design.

By Tom Bol | August 03, 2013

Wi-Fi is how the world works these days. Sure, you can wait for things to download on your phone using a 3G network. Or you could stop by your local Starbucks and log onto their Wi-Fi network to check mail while you sip your latte. For many photographers you don't have to go to... Read More


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Palm Springs Photo Festival

Photo Enthusiasts Gather in the Desert for The 2013 Festival

By Vince Gonzales | May 08, 2013

The Palm Springs Photo Festival was held this year at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Palm Springs for 6 days drawing photographers, vendors, lecturers and players of all types involved in the creation and business of photography.  The event director, Jeff Dunas created an environment... Read More


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Working The Red Carpet

"Game of Thrones" Premiere at The TCL Chinese Theatre

By Vince Gonzales | March 29, 2013

Publicists, executives, starlets- oh my.  I covered the recent red carpet for the upcoming season premiere of HBO’s "Game of Thrones" at the TCL Chinese Theatre and after party at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  As a contributor to FilmMagic and... Read More