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Cinevate Launches Atlas FLT Slider and Simplis Rig for DSLR Movie Making

New compact, lightweight DSLR gear.

By Dan Carr | April 14, 2011


For NAB 2011 Cinevate have launched several new products including the new Atlas FLT slider and the Simplis support system. Click through to see videos of these new products.

Atlas FLT - Video and DSLR Camera Slider from Cinevate on Vimeo.

Cinevate's Simplis DSLR Rig from Cinevate on Vimeo.

Cinevate Announces the New Atlas FLT Lightweight Camera Slider at NAB

Compact and lightweight design makes this camera slider easy for filmmakers to transport

Las Vegas, NV, NAB Booth # C12033 - (April 11, 2011) - Today Cinevate announces the addition of its most compact, affordable and lightweight DSLR camera slider - the new Atlas FLT. Based on the rock solid design and construction of its predecessor, Atlas 10, but measuring only 26 inches long and weighing in at less than 10 pounds, the new Atlas FLT makes it even easier for filmmakers to travel and transport.

Atlas FLT empowers filmmakers of all skill levels and abilities, allowing the creation of horizontal, vertical and even angled camera movements. By using the specially designed vertical pulley system and counter-balance, operation is simple, effective and stable for every take. With a non-reflective, black satin anodized finish, full CNC aluminum/steel construction, and stainless steel fasteners, users can expect a lifetime of reliable operation.

This simple camera slider is equipped with a 3/8" screw, making it compatible with any standard 3/8" threaded ball head. Starting at just $579, the Atlas FLT is one of the most affordable DLSR camera sliders on the market. Video, pictures and more information on the Atlas FLT are available at .



Cinevate Debuts Simplis and Grip Sticks at NAB

New DSLR Rig is the ideal solution for filmmakers that need a customized,
lightweight support rig

Las Vegas, NV, NAB Booth # C12033 - (April 11, 2011) - Cinevate debuts their line of Simplis DSLR handheld rigs. The Simplis DSLR Rig is the ideal solution for any filmmaker needing a lightweight, "run and gun" support rig. Incorporating a revolutionary system that allows a filmmaker the unique ability to customize and scale their rig as desired, Simplis is ideal for any filmmaker seeking a versatile, modular and upgradeable DSLR Support System.

To complement the Simplis Rigs, Cinevate also launches its line of mounting accessories called Grip Sticks. Based on components of the new Simplis system, Grip Sticks allow users to mount standard accessories with ?-20 threads such as on-camera monitors and external audio recorders in virtually any orientation imaginable.

Sturdy and simple, Grip Sticks are the perfect companion to the Simplis Quick Release plate with its multiple ?-20 thread mount points. They will be available in four variations: Universal, 11", 13" and 15" lengths. Grip Sticks is a versatile accessory mounting solution for any camera or kit that supports a ?-20 thread.

Starting at just $399, Simplis is one of the most affordable solutions for filmmakers of all levels. These highly anticipated Simplis Rigs and Grip Sticks have been designed to complement Cinevate's complete line of products including HDSLR packages, camera sliders, table dollies, viewfinders and more.


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