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Leica Camera Celebrates 99 Years

By Dan Carr | December 12, 2012

Allendale, NJ (December 6, 2012) – For nearly a century, Leica cameras have captured fleeting moments and transformed them into stories brimming with the lifeblood of true human experience. The iconic image of the end of WWII as displayed by the sailor and nurse in Times Square embodies... Read More


hasselblad mirrorless sony

Hassleblad Launches $6500 Mirrorless System

Redesigned Sony NEX-7 given Italian design and hefty price bump

By Dan Carr | September 18, 2012

Hasselblad has today announced a partnership with Sony to produce the Lunar mirrorless camera, with a full blown DSLR on the horizon as well. The cameras appear to take Sony's recent proven designs and add a 'luxury' design by using materials like carbon fiber and wood to change the ergonomics. {C} Read More


645 medium format phase one

Phase One Launches New 645DF+ Medium Format Platform

By Dan Carr | September 17, 2012

COPENHAGEN, September 17, 2012- Phase One, the world's leader in open-platform, high-end camera systems and solutions, today announced the world's most versatile camera platform for high-end photography. Read More


gh3 hdslr panasonic

Panasonic Unveils Their New Flagship HDSLR - The GH3

Pro build and features come to the M4/3 family

By Dan Carr | September 17, 2012

At Photokina today Panasonic have unveiled their new flagship Micro Fourthirds camera, the GH3, which is beginning to look more and more like a full sized DSLR with every passing iteration. With the previous GH2 Panasonic won a lot of fans in the indie film making world with remarkable video quality is with this new GH3 they have really embraced that with a host of new video specific features. Read More


d600 nikon

Nikon Launches More Affordable Full Frame Camera - The D600

By Dan Carr | September 14, 2012

Nikon has just taken the wraps off their new camera, the D600. It packs a 24MP full frame sensor into a more consumer friendly priced package, due to hit shelves at $2100. This is by far the cheapest full frame camera on the market and should be shipping as soon as September 19th according to one of the biggest stores. Now begins a very interesting time in the DSLR hardware sector! Read More


mirrorless rx1 sony

Sony’s New DSC-RX1 Breaks New Ground - Mirrorless Full Frame Camera

24MP and a fixed 35mm f2.0 Sonnar lens

By Dan Carr | September 12, 2012

Sony are pushing incredibly hard in the photography sector this year and nothing demonstrates it more clearly than the new RX1. While some companies are just learning how to fit APS-C sensors in mirrorless cameras , Sony have squeezed a full frame 35mm, 24MP sensor into a camera the size of their current smallest competitors. The $2800 price tag might make you gulp though! Read More


hardware mirrorless nex sony

Sony Announces NEX-6 To Further Expand Their Mirrorless Lineup

By Dan Carr | September 12, 2012

SAN DIEGO, Sept 12, 2012 - With a brand new, sleek design and enhanced control capabilities, the new Sony NEX-6 camera packs all the imaging power, shooting responsiveness, handling and operability of a DSLR into a pocket-sized mirrorless camera. Read More


a900 a99 alpha sony

Sony Unveils Flagship SLT-A99 Full Frame DSLR

24MP camera launched to top the Alpha lineup

By Dan Carr | September 12, 2012

SAN DIEGO, Sept 12, 2012 - Sony's long awaited ?99 digital camera sets a new performance standard for professional-class DSLRs, combining all of the benefits of full-frame imaging with the responsiveness and speed of Translucent Mirror Technology. Read More



By Dan Carr | August 21, 2012

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., August 21, 2012 - Canon Inc. today announced the achievement of a new EF lens-manufacturing milestone with the production of the company's 80-millionth EF lens on August 3, 2012. Production of EF lenses surpassed the 10-million mark in 1995, doubling to 20 million units in 2001. After reaching the 30 million unit milestone in 2006, Canon celebrated the production of its 40-millionth lens in 2008. Owing to the rapid spread of the EOS Digital series of SLR cameras, production for Canon's EF lenses then gained momentum to reach the 50 million unit milestone in 2009, followed by the 60 million mark in January 2011 and the 70 million mark in October of the same year. Now, just over nine months later, the EF lens series has reached the 80 million mark on August 3, 2012, adding a distinguished achievement to the 25th anniversary of the launch of Canon's EOS system.{C} Read More


800mm nikon

Nikon Announces Development Of 800mm Lens

In development, an f5.6 800mm super telephoto.

By Dan Carr | July 12, 2012

Nikon have today announced that they are developing a new 800mm f5.6 VR lens. As has become popular recently with Canon, Nikon are calling this a development announcement which merely means that they confirm it's going to come at some point but detailed specifications, shipping dates and pricing will follow at a later date. Canon have had an 800mm lens for a few years and as they are also now making a 200-400 to match up against Nikon's 200-400 , it makes sense for Nikon to make an 800mm now as well. Expect the price to be well over $12,000 whenever it arrives. Read More


Lexar Announces Intention To Produce XQD Cards

By Dan Carr | July 11, 2012

Lexar XQD Memory Cards to be Compatible with Nikon D4 and Future XQD-based Camera Models Read More


Induro Announces New Dual Range Hi-Hat Tripod Set

By Dan Carr | July 11, 2012

Matching traditional Hi-Hat dimensions, the DR Hi-Hat Tripod Set goes far beyond in terms of operational scope and flexibility. Each leg features a two section extension and three steps of variable angle adjustment, making height adjustments and terrain adjustments a breeze. Specially reinforced pivoting ovoid feet provide a sure grip on virtually any surface, plus the capability to be screwed, spiked or otherwise firmly secured to establish a rock-solid connection to the ground or a board. Read More


Canon Announces Free Photography Workshop Program With Free Gear Loan

By Dan Carr | June 04, 2012



avengers canon eos

Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D Digital SLR Cameras Choice for Work on Set of “The Avengers”

Enable Gripping Point-Of-View Shots for Theatrical Filmmaking

By PPC News Staff | May 09, 2012

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is proud to announce that its EOS 5D Mark II and 7D Digital SLR cameras have been used on the set of Marvel's latest movie, "Marvel's The Avengers," to capture thrilling point-of-view (POV) action shots that can be seamlessly intercut with footage from the film's principal 35mm and digital cinematography cameras to heighten the film's visual impact. "Marvel's The Avengers" shows an epic confrontation between nightmarish super villains attacking the Earth and the super-heroic team of Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow. Directed by Joss Whedon, the film is the latest and most extraordinary Marvel Studios Super Hero movie to date. Read More



The First User-Generated Photo Contest in History to Inspire a Hollywood Film

By Dan Carr | May 07, 2012

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., May 7, 2012 - Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, has created a new partnership with two-time Academy Award® winner Ron Howard for year two of the brand campaign, "Long Live Imagination." The partnership, launching May 7, 2012 with a digital campaign, comes on the heels of Ron Howard and Canon U.S.A.'s highly successful "Project Imagin8ion," the first user-generated photo contest in history to ultimately inspire a Hollywood short film. {C} Read More


Think Tank Photo to Release Three Travel-Specific Backpacks

Features Quick Access Pockets for Laptops and iPads

By PPC News Staff | May 02, 2012

Think Tank Photo announced today that in May it will release the Airportâ„¢ series, a new line of travel-specific, high-capacity camera backpacks designed with maneuvering through airports quickly in mind. The three backpacks - the Airport Accelerator, Airport Commuter, and Airport Essentials -- integrate quick access pockets for both laptops and iPad, a top pocket for boarding passes, and three robust handles to ensure easy placement and retrieval from overhead bins. Read More


bag roller think tank

Think Tank Announces First 4 Wheeled Camera Bag - The 4-Sight Roller

Airport roller with 4 wheels !

By Dan Carr | April 25, 2012

Santa Rosa, Calif. - Think Tank Photo announces that in May it will release its first four-wheeled rolling camera bag, the Airport 4-Sight™. The Airport 4-Sight meets international airline carry-on standards. The roller's weight has been reduced dramatically through innovative design and by a strict focus on the features that photographers find most beneficial. {C} Read More


leaf mamiya medium format

Mamiya Leaf Introduces the Leaf Credo Medium Format Digital Camera Back Platform

80MP, 60MP and 40MP CCD Medium Format backs

By Dan Carr | April 23, 2012

Mamiya Leaf have today announced the Leaf Credo range of digital camera back designed to work with the 645DF. There are 80MP, 60MP and 40MP variations of the new CCD back. The Credo backs feature 1.15 million dot touch-screens. Read More


canon cosmos dslr

New Canon EOS 60Da DSLR Camera For Astronomy Enthusiasts

DSLR caters to astronomers and hobbyists who enjoy capturing the beauty of the night sky

By PPC News Staff | April 03, 2012

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today introduced the EOS 60Da Digital SLR Camera, a long-awaited successor to the EOS 20Da that is optimized for astrophotography. This DSLR caters to astronomers and hobbyists who enjoy capturing the beauty of the night sky by offering a modified infrared filter and a low-noise sensor with heightened hydrogen-alpha sensitivity. These modifications allow the camera to capture magnificent photographs of "red hydrogen emission" nebulae and other cosmic phenomena. Read More


canon eos mark iii

Canon unleashes the EOS 5D Mark III

EOS 5D Mark III offers improved performance in many different areas

By PPC News Staff | March 02, 2012

Canon today announces the latest addition to its worldfamous EOS range with the launch of the new EOS 5D Mark III. The EOS 5D Mark IIIbuilds on the performance of the legendary EOS 5D Mark II, offering improved speed,greater resolution, enhanced processing power and extended creative options for bothstills and Full HD movies - providing unparalleled artistic freedom for the most demanding photographers. Read More