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Matt Jeppsen is a freelance cinematographer, and Kendal Miller is a director at Cultivate Studios. They often collaborate on film & video projects, and you'll find related musings here....

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balloon bulb diy freeze shatter trigger

Build a DIY highspeed photography trigger

Freeze slices of time, DIY style

By Matthew Jeppsen | November 07, 2010

If you've ever wanted to try shooting high-speed photography like balloons popping, drops of water, glasses shattering, you'll probably appreciate the following tutorial from Matt Richardson. In the video embedded below, he shows you how to build a simple audio sensor for your DSLR using an Arduino controller that allows you to trigger the camera fast enough to freeze incredibly fast action. Not only that, he takes it a step further to automatically cut his room lighting once the controller is armed (ok Matt, now you are just showing off). It's a really cool tutorial, watch below... Read More


Stunning DSLR Timelapse of Shuttle Launch

Canon 5D MKII's + 6 wks + 100 hrs footage = 4 minutes of pure awesome

By Matthew Jeppsen | May 22, 2010

Awesome timelapse of the weeks of NASA preparation before a shuttle launch, culminating with the launch sequence. Watch below. Read More


app eye-fi eyefi ipad iphone shuttersnitch wifi wireless

ShutterSnitch app links iPad & iPhone to your DSLR

Wirelessly review your photos on the fly

By Matthew Jeppsen | May 06, 2010

ShutterSnitch is an exciting new app for the iPhone and iPad that offers an FTP server that can interface with standard Eye-Fi cards or Canon & Nikon DSLR wireless transmitters. Link the two, and you can transfer images over wifi on the fly as you shoot, using your Apple device for review, or to notify you if an image doesn't meet a certain set of criteria. Read More


development education evolution experience learning stages

The Stages of a Photographer

It's funny because it's true

By Matthew Jeppsen | April 28, 2010

Over at Clusterflock there's a funny graphic that charts the main stages in a photographer's development. Ah, photographer humor. Read More


flash gorillapod grid marshall plugin pma snoot wacom wppi

PMA and WPPI Video Coverage Wrapup

News and info from the tradeshow floor at PMA and WPPI

By Matthew Jeppsen | March 14, 2010

FreshDV was on-site at PMA in Anaheim, CA and also WPPI in Las Vegas, NV to get some video coverage from the tradeshow floors. This small series of video coverage is a mix of photo and video topics, and should be of interest especially to those who are embracing the HD/stills convergence offered by the new breed of video-equipped DSLRs. Watch our PMA / WPPI coverage here, and you'll find notes and product links below the video playlist. Read More


canon coffee l-series olympic swag vancouver

Canon L-Series Coffee Mug

I must have one.

By Matthew Jeppsen | March 03, 2010

PDNPulse reports that Canon handed out these L-series lookalike coffee mugs at the Vancouver Olympic games. What a brilliant idea! Here's hoping they are available to the general public at some point, I'd love one of these. Read More


Lifehacker’s Top Photography Hacks of 2009

DIY spirit: A year in review

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 14, 2009

Lifehacker has posted their Top Photography Hacks of 2009, a collection of DIY tutorials and tips mainly for amateurs, but with some wisdom and creative ideas there for professionals too. From bokeh hearts to a fiber-optic DIY ringflash on the cheap, it's all here. Check it out. Read More


aperture blades d3 f16 mirror nikon shutter

Super slo-mo shows how a DSLR shutter and mirror work

5000fps video down the barrel of a Nikon D3 shooting continuous 11fps

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 08, 2009

Ever wonder what exactly happens when you press that shutter release button on your DSLR camera? The following video shows the sequence of events in excruciating detail. It's video shot at 5000 frames-per-second, looking at the internals of a Nikon D3 camera shooting 11fps continuous. As an added bonus, they show the lens stopping down to f/16 in tandem. The result is beautiful, and surprisingly violent. Watch below. Read More


aperture beautiful blades blur bokeh flickr focus inspiration

40 Inspirational Bokeh Photographs

Out-of-focus never looked so good

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 03, 2009

Looking for a little simple inspiration? These 40 beautiful examples of bokeh-heavy photography should do the trick. In these shots, it's the out of focus area that draws the eye. Very cool. Read More


composition education thirds training visual mass

Black Friday Deal - 50% Off on David duChemin eBooks

Titles at just $2.50

By Matthew Jeppsen | November 27, 2009

David duChemin is offering 50% off his Craft & Vision photography ebooks until December 7...use discount code BLKFRIDY to make these $5 titles just $2.50. Titles include: Drawing The Eye - Creating Stronger Images Through Visual MassChasing The Look - 10 Ways to Improve The Aesthetics of Your PhotographsTEN - Ten Ways To Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involves Buying GearTEN MORE - Ten More Ways To Improve Your CraftI've purchased Drawing The Eye and Chasing The Look and am loving them. They are beautifully laid out, and the info is fresh and relevant. A steal at $2.50.Get 'em while they are hot! Read More


Five Simple Steps to Growing Your Photography Business

Scott Bourne offers practical ideas you can implement Right Now

By Matthew Jeppsen | October 30, 2009

Photographer and blogger Scott Bourne has posted a nice list of five things you can do right now to grow your photography business. It's good advice, check out the article here. Read More


adobe cs5 fill tool heal healing brush labs photoshop

Sneak peek at new Adobe Photoshop features

Photoshop's new Content Aware Fill tool will blow your mind

By Matthew Jeppsen | October 20, 2009

Over at the Adobe Photoshop Facebook Fan page, they've posted a nice preview clip of beautiful new advancements in the fill tool, using a tech tool called PatchMatch. What it is, is an algorithm that is content-aware, allowing you to intelligently remove objects, wires, hair, etc from an image even easier than ever before using the fill tool and spot healing tools. Really cool tech, check it out for a taste of what's (hopefully) coming in the next revision to PS. Read More


couples engagement pose poses posing wedding

Stunning Posing Examples for Couples Photography

Photographer Laurence Kim offers beautiful (and free) advice

By Matthew Jeppsen | July 06, 2009

As a learning photographer, orchestrating subject poses is consistently one of the most difficult things for me to do. I have extensive experience with documentary-style videography, so directing posing is not a natural thing for me. It is particularly difficult when you have a subject or couple that doesn't move organically with each other, and seem apprehensive about interaction in front of the lens. So I'm always on the lookout for tips and advice on poses, posing guides, etc. And today I just stumbled across an excellent resource on the subject...this one in the form of a simple blog post by photographer Laurence Kim. It's a great resource...there are example images and a quick text blurb that talk about the shot. Simple, effective, and beautiful imagery. I'd recommend taking a look at this one. Read More


app store canon dslr iphone ipod itouch remote trigger

DSLR Remote App for iPhone

Fully remote control Canon cameras with this app for the iPhone and iPod Touch

By Matthew Jeppsen | May 22, 2009

There's a new program coming to the App Store for iPod Touch and iPhone users. This program by Mike Wong enables complex remote control and triggering of Canon DSLR cameras (the developer is working on a Nikon version as well). The app runs on your mobile device, and communicates over wifi with a laptop connected to the camera by USB. I'm not just talking about triggering the shutter release, this app can do it all; shutter speed, aperture, white balance, intervalometer, review shots, and even stream Live View to the iPhone display. I understand that they will enable video record start/stop in a future update for cameras like the Canon 5D MKII. Read more below for the full scoop and links. Read More


NASA’s Hubble Servicing Mission: A Story in Pictures

Arresting photography from the current shuttle mission

By Matthew Jeppsen | May 19, 2009

The Boston Globe has an excellent story-in-pictures of the current space shuttle mission to service the Hubble space telescope. The images are inspiring. Read More


Photography is Not a Crime

Photography is Not a Crime

Know your First Amendment Rights

By Matthew Jeppsen | April 02, 2009

Bostonist is running an article about a photographer who was taking stock photos at a public park, and was harassed and questioned by local police. They informed the photographer that he had to delete the pictures he'd taken. The photographer was aware that their demands were not lawful, but he felt he had no other choice and deleted the images. It's another sad, chilling account that shows the continual erosion of our Constitutional First Amendment rights. More details below... Read More


Photographers taking up video thanks to new DSLRs?

Stu Maschwitz says "No."

By Matthew Jeppsen | March 29, 2009

Over at ProLost, Stu Maschwitz has written a great post on the topic of photographers suddenly taking up video due to the new video-enabled DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikon. His answer? No, they won't. Read on... Read More


Analysis of laptop display performance for photographers

Taking a look at color accuracy and wide angle viewing

By Matthew Jeppsen | March 23, 2009

Rob Galbraith has a great article that looks at color accuracy and performance of popular laptop displays. They break down a handful of popular Mac and PC laptops in two main categories of performance, accurate color rendition and angle of view. A good look at an important topic that we should all be aware of. Read More


Metadata Showdown - Photo Mechanic vs Lightroom

Metadata cage match! Two enter, one emerges victorious!

By Matthew Jeppsen | March 23, 2009

Military photographer Tyler Ginter has written a fantastic article comparing Lightroom with Photo Mechanic, specifically in the metadata dept. Why all the fuss about metadata? Tyler's military documentation group and AP photographers are required to complete no less than 17 metadata fields in order to submit images to the Pentagon and National Archives. Tyler nails down 5 areas that Lightroom is weak in, and discusses how Photo Mechanic fits their needs in those areas. It's a great comparison and look into an area that most photographers probably don't have to deal with. Adobe, are you listening? Read More


Whip Your Bokeh Into Shape(s)

Whip Your Bokeh Into Shape(s)

Turn round specular highlights into creative shapes

By Matthew Jeppsen | February 19, 2009

Here's a cool little tutorial that shows you how to make a lens cover that can control the shape of bokeh in your photographs. All this DIY tutorial takes is a little cardboard, tape, and time... Read More