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10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers

Photog friendly Christmas gifts

By Dan Carr | November 18, 2012

Yes that time of year is here where you have to think of a gift for your photography loving friend or loved one, the one who seemingly has everything! I've compiled a list of 10 of my favorite gift priced goodies in no particular order and various price points so you're sure to find something suitable and easily available.


1 - Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen & Touch Tablet - $70


Wacom's newest tablets combine their tried and trusted digital pens with touch technology to make editing images swifter and far less mundane. Control positioning or zooming with hand gestures and edit with the precision of the pen. Once you use a Wacom tablet there is simply no going back, it's a workflow changing experience and the receiver of your gift will be kicking their mouse to the trash can faster than they can say 'thanks for the awesome gift!'. The great thing about this version is that's it's also highly portable so it works well with a laptop and if they decided to upgrade to a larger variation in the future then the Bamboo can live in the laptop bag for travel.

Availability - Approx $70 on Amazon.

2 - Really Right Stuff TFA-01 Pocket Tripod - $98


Pocket tripods can be though of as a gimmick, something only necessary for people who don't have a larger standard sized tripod. Well I'm here to bust that myth! There's many occasions in today's security obsessed environment when a tripod isn't allowed into a particular location. In all those locations though you are almost certain to be allowed a pocket sized 'pod. They can be used to take the weight of the camera on a flat surface or to brace yourself against a wall, a usage many people forget about. Until RRS came along with the TFA-01 though, the pocket tripods on the market sucked. They were cheap and nasty cash grab items with zero thought put into them. I recently spend some time in the B&H store playing with a range of pocket tripods with one of the store clerks. When we actually tested them and I pointed out their floors even he was at a loss as to what to suggest to me. The fact is that all were designed to only operate in the fully splayed position. Only at that point did the feet flatly contact the surface and provide stability and grip. But that meant you have to find only a perfectly flat surface. With the TFA-01 though, the rubber tops to the feet wrap around the leg ends and provide grip at many angles. Problem solved !

Availability - $98 only from RRS' online store


3 - Datacolor SpyderCube - $50


Getting great doesn't always happen automatically, especially in tricky mixed lighting situations. A grey-card can be useful for calibrating white balance but it doesn't necessarily help for setting black and white points. That's where the SpyderCube comes it! Snap a photo of this before you start each shoot and you'll have a reference to work from when you get back to your favorite editing software. Since it has grey, black and while on the cube you can calibrate everything to perfection. One of my favorite features is that the colors of the cube sides are no simply painted on, they run right through into the plastic so you don't need to worry about it getting scratched off the surface! This is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Availability - $50 from Amazon


4 - Canon or Nikon Coffee Lens Mug - $20->$30


These started popping up a couple of years ago but now there are many variations available to suit either a Canon or Nikon shooter. Make sure you get the right one!

Availability - Amazon carries a great selection of these from a variety of vendors. Pick a long zoom or a wide zoom lens mug!


5 - Really Right Stuff MTX Tool - $50


Buying camera support gear is sort of like buying IKEA furniture in that everything comes with a tool. The problem is that unlike IKEA, every tool is different and you're soon left with a draw full of hex keys of both metric and imperial sizing. Really Right Stuff, who make the finest support gear themselves, have taken it upon themselves to solve this problem by creating a bespoke photographers tool. Perhaps the first of its kind. It contains all the bits you need for all your tripods, ballheads and clamps but also has a 3/8-16 thread on top and socket on the bottom allowing you to use it as a camera support itself ! You can even use it with a tabletop tripod to extend its size. These are so awesome I've ordered one for every camera bag I own. Think of it like a Swiss Army Knife for photographers.

Availability - $50 and only available directly from RRS on their online store.

Please click on through to page 2 to find #6 - #10 in our holiday gift guide!



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