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Why the foot is the base of the body

Many people don’t know what happens when the feet are not balanced. They are unaware that foot conditions not only bring discomfort to the foot itself, but on the whole body as well. This includes the hip, lower spine, thigh, calf, ankles, and even neck, which thereby needs prompt relief and attention like the use of shoe insoles to avoid further complications. Solelab insoles help maintain the body’s equilibrium for better movements and comfort.

Take care of the existing foot problems while at the same time prevent other possible foot conditions by using the Solelab insoles. It has lots of benefits that are substantially good for the feet as base of the body, and in the body, in general.

These insoles are made intentionally to spread the body’s weight evenly on both feet – from the heels to the toes. This way, pressure points on the sole are eliminated as well as the abrasions and foot stress. Our foot feels the most stress in our body in fulfilling its purpose as a base. So, it’s worth to be cared for at all times.

It consists of a bio-lock heel cover with an extra gel cushion for added support and extra absorption. The added comfort protects our foot from more damage while alleviating pains at the same time. In addition, its continuous use reduces corns, calluses, and burning feelings.Best for those who have undergone foot surgeries or those who have been suffering from arthritis and tendinitis. It addresses all conditions.

These Solelab insoles s are designed for both men and women with various sizes to choose from. It also comes in three different arch inserts wherein one can use the low if less comfort is preferred while the high for more comfort.

Best Solelab insoles are primarily shoe inserts that can be put inside any footwear to give relief to foot problems, back pains, and other aches in the lower extremities. These insoles work by regulating proper coordination on the lower part of the body from the lower spine down to the toes. Whenever in use, they provide proper shaping on your foot symmetry: on the balls, heels, and arches.

Different than other insoles that demand costly prescription, Best insoles can only be purchased over-the-counter and does not need any physician’s prescription. These insoles are somehow best replacement insoles not only on its value and efficiency, but in terms of price.
Shoes that give no appropriate support on its foot pad and arch can only bring a distressing foot problem. And on the long run, it also affects proper coordination in the lower back as well in the pelvis. These insoles concentrate on this condition by adding more cushion under your feet as base of the body and regulating it back to its proper posture. Constant application of this proper weight balancing can help promote proper body posture and eliminates pain in the lower extremities that likely occurs from poorly-made footwear.

Every time a person is using these insoles, it effectually aids in regulating proper alignment on the foot. These are good for those who suffer from flat foot as it helps realign the arch along with the foot all together. Aside from flat foot, it also works appropriately for those who have uneven leg length. To address such condition, they can double the inserts over another one until inside footwear until the desired length is in line with the other normal leg length. Several examinations revealed that proper body coordination prevents possible damages on the ligaments, bones, and tissues. And maintaining such alignment can bring proper body equilibrium, thus improving flexibility.

A current study shows that only 15% of the populations have normal arches on the foot, leaving the rest with either flat feet as base of the body or steep arches. When these foot conditions are disregarded, it will only lead to foot aches and back aches. The inserts work on this challenge by giving extra cushion and support to the arch, in that way bringing back the coordination in the body again. While supporting, it also absorbs shocks to every workable motion. Moreover, these also address bio-mechanical conditions and over-pronation.

Proper care on the foot must always be observed to prevent foot problems like sore feet as base of the body, pain in the lower spine and joints. These best shoe insoles help treat these conditions by toning up the ankles with the heels properly. It evenly spreads your stress on your feet as base of the body, lessening the stress on some affected body parts like the legs and back.

benefits of solelab insoles

Foot care – Keep your feet soft with insoles

Our feet are the foundation of our total skeletal system. Whenever they become misaligned is when we get into trouble. Insoles were created to help this problem. An insole is a part of the shoe where the foot rests. Most are removable. They add to foot comfort, and they relieve heel pain. What to expect from Solelab insoles foot care? They:

  1. Are helpful to those who run.
  2. Reduce foot strain.
  3. Support the feet.
  4. Help with shock absorption.
  5. Help with stability.
  6. Stimulate the feet.
  7. Enhance foot blood circulation.
  8. Are great shock absorbers.
  9. Provide support to the foot arch.
  10. Provide flexibility.
  11. Provide leg support.
  12. Can provide foot odor prevention.
  13. Help those with flat feet.
  14. Help people with sensitive feet.
  15. Can provide gel heel protection.
  16. Gives you comfort and protection.
  17. Improve body posture
  18. Prevent many different conditions that could lead to foot, knee and lower back pain!

These Solelab insoles support both the tops and bottoms of your feet while helping to lessen odor. It is a good foot care product to maintain balance as well.

To begin with, insoles foot care provides a great deal of support for many kinds of exercise, whether we are talking about work that involves a great deal of walking, or sports. Purchasers with mild joint and back pain (especially if they are overweight) might find that these ailments, too, become less of a problem with the use of Solelab insoles. This is because the strain on the feet caused by unmoderated stepping motion or plain hard usage also has an impact on the parts of your body used for walking. This type of pain can go all the way up to one’s spine, so it is no surprise that supporting the feet improves the condition of other body parts, as well.

In addition, it is relatively easy to find Solelab insoles that fit your shoe size. Your feet may be especially small or large, or you might wear the wide version of a mid-range size. Still, insoles foot care will fit easily, and you are highly unlikely to have to trim them and risk damaging them thereby. Solelab insoles are also designed for versatility. Their use is not confined to sports shoes. You can use them with work shoes or boots, as well. However, shoes with unusual styles or shapes might cause some difficulty.

There are, of course, a few negative points about insoles foot care. For example, long-standing or extreme joint ailments of the hips and knees will probably not be entirely cured by using Solelab insoles. They might help make the pain less inhibiting, but you will probably have to seek additional help to get rid of the underlying cause of the pain.

If you are looking for these foot care insoles, you will find a myriad of choices in the market. Insoles must be chosen according to the feet type and health condition if any. Some sports insoles are dedicated to heavy athletic activities. These are shock absorbing insoles. The sports insoles, help in the treatment of shin splints, jumpers knee, runner’s knee, and also other bone stress reactions. Insoles are also used normally for the day today use, to relieve from or prevent foot acnes and tiredness and sores. Get soft feet with insoles.

The benefits of insoles are support and cushioning. Cushioning is the most primary benefit of every insole. Cushioning helps absorb the shock while walking or running, thereby reducing the pressure on the foot. Thus it helps to comfort the feet from tired and sore feeling, despite long periods of exertion. Supportive insoles help to improve the balance of the foot, and its alignment. While some insoles offer more cushioning effect, people with foot problems use the orthotic insoles with customized design to help themselves from pains and other anatomical and medical issues.

Different types of foot demand support in different areas. People with low foot arches or flat foot experience stress and pain due to over pronation. For such feet, an extra cushioning insole helps the arch to relax and support the curve. Those with high arches or curved arches have problems due to over-flexing of their foot leading to stress, which is often the causative factor for a painful inflammatory condition like plantar fasciitis. High arched foot requires corrective supports for even distribution of the weight and pressure.

Insoles are also used to control the odor of the foot. There are sweat-absorbent insoles that help smelly feet by keeping the foot moisture free and cool. Today we have insoles designed especially for those with varicose veins, edema, and arthritis. You will have soft feet with insoles at the end.

Stop suffering from the pain due to poor alignment. We all want to look good and be in fashion, of course, but we must think about our foot health as well. We never thought much of insoles (shoe inserts) back then, but should have. Improve your foot health today and have soft feet with insoles.

natural kitchen skin care products

Kitchen products that take care of your skin

Kitchen skin care products are one of the best solutions, especially for people on a budget. These products are simple to make and some of them can even be used fresh from the grocery store. Isn’t it incredible that there are many products in our kitchens we can use for skin care which are as good as the ones purchased in beauty stores? If we were more aware of these simple homemade skin care products, then we would save greatly by avoiding expensive beauty spas. There are literally hundreds of items which can be used for your specific skin type and they are all available at your local grocery store.

The Benefits of Kitchen Skin Care Products

  • They do not clog pores: beauty skin products used by most women contain chemicals since they have been produced by synthetic products. However, natural kitchen skin care products do not clog pores. This enhances the overall skin beauty and makes your skin glow.
  • Contain natural oil: Usually, the household items for skin care contain naturally occurring mineral oils. These are easily absorbed by the skin and give a natural beauty to the skin. Some of the mineral oils have natural sunscreen protection. This protects your skin from sun’s damaging effects and exposure reduces the skin acne.
  • Household products are gentle on the skin: These products have ingredients which are safe to the skin and they work very well to reduce skin infections and eczema. Homemade skin care products do not cause irritations or skin allergies, so they are always safe to use.
  • They are very affordable and very effective: Everyday skin care items are available at affordable prices and readily available. These products use ingredients from nature that are essential in the growth of a healthy, beautiful, brilliant skin. Your skin is an essential organ that covers your body and it’s very important to take care of it and make it last. Natural home skin care products are like organic food for your body. They give you everything your body requires from nature and you will have no chance of experiencing medical problems in future.

The Most Common Skin Care Products

  • Avocado oil – Avocado oil is a popular natural skin care product because it is rich in vitamin A, D, and E, lecithin and potassium. One unique element of avocado oil is the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and fight bacteria. Moreover, its emollient properties make it perfect for keeping your skin moisturized. It’s also effective to ease negative skin conditions caused by psoriasis and eczema. Avocado oil is also good for a dry skin because it softens the skin tissues and helps regenerate skin cells.
  • Honey – Skincare products with honey have been widely used since the old times. Honey is one of the oldest skin care items used in beauty regimens. It contains flavonoids and antioxidants which all work as anti-bacterial agents. It is extremely gentle on the skin and makes a natural moisturizer, making it great for sensitive skin. Honey attracts and retains moisture without promoting excess oil. This is why honey is often used in all natural skin care products for those who suffer from acne. Honey can be found as an ingredient in all types of skin care products such as shampoos, cleansers, and moisturizers.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar works very well to tone your skin and promote blood circulation. It dissolves excess fatty deposits at the surface of the skin, which makes it a great remedy for skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Furthermore, apple cider vinegar is antiseptic regulates the skin’s pH levels.
  • Vegetable Oil – This is one of the simplest ones. Whatever vegetable oil you will have at home can do. Olive oil is compatible with most skin types, but other oils like sunflower, sesame and canola can help too. Coconut oil, butter, and milk are also suitable to the skin for the best results.

The bottom line is, kitchen skin care products can give you the best results without risk and for less money. This means that you won’t have to spend your time or hard-earned money purchasing beauty products that may actually do more harm than they can good. The skin is worth taking care of and skin care using every day items can make a significant improvement.

Emu Oil: the Latest Craze in Skin Care

Emu Oil: the Latest Craze in Skin Care

Garnier SkinActive - Hydra Bomb - Acqua Micellare Bifase
Source: Flickr

The anti-aging market is big business. Botox injections rank amongst the top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures for both males and females. And Americans now spend $12.4 billion a year on “cosmeceutical” products, such as facial peels and microdermabrasion kits.

For those who wish to enhance their skin tone and battle the appearance of wrinkles, emu oil may be a promising option.

Cosmetic manufacturers and style publications are touting the advantages of this oil, which contains collagen and antioxidants. Emu oil is made use of in cosmetic creams since of its anti-inflammatory and emollient buildings and its capability to deeply permeate the skin. Researches also reveal that it might stimulate cell renewal in the skin.

Emu oil is sold by itself or as an ingredient in such products as Deception, a wrinkle-hiding cream made by Dremu Skin care.

Julie Brumlik, CEO of Dremu Skincare, states Deception is perfect for people who want to conceal the look of wrinkles without pricey and possibly risky cosmetic procedures. The cream, she says, develops an optical illusion that makes the wrinkles nearly undetectable to the naked eye.

What’s the trick? Deception contains microprisms that refract light far from wrinkles. So the wrinkles appear to vanish immediately when the cream is applied.

“Exactly what the eye [typically] sees is actually the shadow made by the wrinkle,” Brumlik stated. “When you make use of Deception, there are no shadows to see.”.

According to Brumlik, the cream is popular with Hollywood stars and vehicles who have to look younger for particular functions or modeling projects. Dremu Skincare also sells pure, triple refined emu oil called Dremu Oil.

Korean 10-step Skin Care Review

In Korea, being beautiful means having smooth, soft, flawless skin. This is what led women around the globe to focus their attention on the routine that Korean women observe every day which comprises from five to eight or ten steps. Follow these easy steps for perfect skin. You may not need to go through every step every single day, but here we will offer the full-fledged version of the routine for you to keep your 10-step Korean skincare set fully equipped and plan your routine tailoring it to your specific needs.

Check out the video explaining it all:

Step 1: Remove your makeup

The first step of your routine takes place at night. You need to use a makeup remover that is appropriate for your skin type. For instance, avoid oily makeup removers if your skin is either oily or a combination of oily and dry, and steer clear of alcohol-based removers if your skin is either dry or sensitive. You may use an oil cleanser to remove makeup completely. The right way to do it is massage it gently into your skin and pour warm water to emulsify, then massage again and rinse. 

Step 2: Splash fresh water on your face

This is how your morning starts. You need to wash your skin with only water—no soap, no cleanser. Here’s why: impurities settle on your face at night. Freshwater will both wash them off and hydrate the skin. 

Step 3: Exfoliate

You don’t need to do this every day, but always remember that your exfoliator is the skin care product you can never run out of. You can do it twice or three times a week. As you may probably know, by exfoliating often you make sure you slough off dead cells, which in turn enhances the effects of your favorite skin-care products. Massage gently. Fresh skin feels great, right?

Step 4: Toner

Toner will help rehydrate and will balance the pH levels of your skin. In addition, your skin will absorb other products better after the toner. Do not confuse ‘toner’ with ‘astringent’. An astringent is to be used as a treatment for oily skins and may contain ingredients such as salicylic acid. Check for the ingredients and product details before buying and, if in doubt, ask your dermatologist. To apply, tap into your skin. 

Step 5: Essence

An essence is a hybrid between a toner and a serum. It will help hydration and cell turnover.

Step 6: Serum

Serums are skin treatments that have the added effect of getting into your epidermis faster. Does this mean you will see immediate effects? Actually, no—to decide whether your serum is working or not, you need to use it for about a month. A serum can target specific skin problems you may have such as brightness or wrinkles.

Step 7: Sheet mask

Sheet masks are pieces of cloth that contain active ingredients meant to boost your beauty routine. A word of warning here, though: ask your dermatologist which product is right for you and whether you should use it every day. Not all sheet masks are for daily use and different products respond to different needs that may or may not match your own. Apply it on your face and wait 15 or 20 minutes.

Step 8: Eye cream

Apply this around your eyes to hydrate and protect the skin. Do not rub it. Instead, tap it avoiding the water line. 

Step 9: Moisturizer

This is perhaps already a part of your daily skincare routine, so keep it up! Do not forget to choose it carefully and wisely according to your skin type. You may do it more than once a day according to your needs—that will probably depend on your skin type and other factors such as the weather conditions of the place where you live.

Step 10: Sunscreen

If this is already part of your beauty routine, great for you! Just make sure you do it every day, as sunscreens are the best way to prevent premature aging and skin cancer. Ask your dermatologist about your choice of the factor.

There you have it. Your perfect-skin beauty  set and how to use it. Try it out! It will be worth the effort! We’ve got a whole country to attest to it.

Are Natural skin care products the response to all problems

When it pertains to skin care items, you will discover that a great deal of individuals are extremely particular about using only natural skin care products. They deal with all the artificial items as dangerous to the skin.

Are natural skin care products the answer to all of our issues?
What if a natural skin care item is not available for the treatment of a particular skin condition?
Are the artificial skin care products so dangerous that they should be banned?

Different people have different responses to these concerns. The reality is that due to presence of synthetic preservatives, it’s really tough to find a natural skin care product that is 100 % natural. There are natural skin care items that have natural preservatives, but their expense might be harmful. Furthermore, such natural skin items have a much shorter shelf life and for this reason are not preferred by the producers of natural skin care products.


Some people carry a wrong idea that because natural skin care products are natural, they can not trigger any damage to the skin. Use natural skin care items, but be open to artificial ones too (you may need them when a natural solution is not readily available).

Your option of a natural skin care product need to be based upon 3 aspects:.

* The skin type (dry, oily, regular, delicate) of the individual who will use that natural skin care product.
* The weather conditions in which it will be made use of e.g. hot and damp condition would service warranty the use of oil-free natural skin care items.
* The procedure for application/use of the natural skin care item. A great natural skin care product (in truth any item) can seem useless if not made use of in the appropriate way.

You can likewise make natural skin care products by yourself, by utilizing the dishes that are readily available on the web and in the books at book shops.



Use of organic vegetables and fruits is likewise popular as a natural skin care treatment. Some necessary oils, organic oils, are useful too and are understood for their moisturizing and antibacterial homes.

Using a natural skin care item does not indicate that you can exercise carelessness with other elements of skin care. Natural skin care items must be utilized like supplements to the following ‘essential’ recommendations: healthy consuming practices (avoiding oily food), regular exercise, drinking a lot of water (8 glasses daily), and cleanliness. This will then form a best and totally natural skin care routine that will assist maintain a healthy beautiful skin for longer time.

natural skin productsExactly what if a natural skin care product is not readily available for the treatment of a specific skin condition? Such natural skin products have a shorter shelf life and for this reason are not liked by the makers of natural skin care items.

Some people bring a wrong idea that given that natural skin care products are natural, they can not cause any harm to the skin. Using a natural skin care product does not mean that you can work out negligence with other elements of skin care.